Basic Science Supplies

In addition to a full line of classroom supplies, Basic Science Supplies also carries small-sized packages of science materials for homeschoolers, parents and students looking to round up materials for small lessons, homework, stencils or science fair projects. Small-sized packages are also great for the classroom teacher who only needs to replace one or two items.At Basic Science Supplies, we understand that the needs of individual students differ from districts.

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Who We To Serve

We provide science equipment and supplies at your doorstep. All our equipment is licensed for general sale and comes from high-standard manufacturers.

Our Products

Our team supplies science lab equipment and accessories manufactured by licensed and standard manufacturers for the safety and care of users. We also make chemicals for Las Vegas floor cleaning companies.

Power & Biotechnology

Explore electricals and tech equipment for biotech labs.

Biology Lab Supplies

Refill your monthly supplies of biology labs for schools and college labs.

Environmental Science

High-quality science equipment is available with us online.

Software / Multimedia

Shop for electronic parts and equipment for your labs and receive doorstep delivery.

“Thank you for providing a convenient platform to order all the supplies on time. It has made management easier for the staff. “

– Robert C Lewis

“The products were well packed and clean. They maintained quality and professionalism throughout their service. I am registering once again for the supply. “

– David D Stevenson

How We’re Different


Highest Quality


Advanced Products


Classroom Activities



Technology Resources

We make sure that our customers receive the best quality material according to industry standards. Our team also follows professionalism in packing and delivering the products with safety to institutions and homes.

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